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  • Cathedral of the Pines
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Our Patriot Ancestors


The following men sacrificed their lives and fortunes to fight for the freedoms we enjoy today.

We honor their legacy through our membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Service Patriot State Spouse
Captain William Alexander Massachusetts
Captain Seth Austin Connecticut Hannah Smith
Private Josiah Blood, Jr. New Hampshire Abigail Pierce
Sergeant Samuel Cochran Pennsylvania Esther John
Sergeant Samuel Codding Massachusetts Sarah Hill
Sergeant Major John Coggeshall Massachusetts Abigail Hayden
Private Moses Crane New Hampshire Susannah Brant
Sergeant Thomas Cushman Massachusetts Bethia Thompson
Patriotic Service Bernet Eisenhuth Pennsylvania Catherine Saylor
Patriotic Service and Ensign Andrew French, Sr. Massachusetts Ann Williams
Private David French New Hampshire Lydia Parker
Private Silas Gibson Massachusetts Damaris Bennet
Patriot William Goe Pennsylvania Dorcas Turner
Lieutenant Stephen Gorham Massachusetts Sarah Freeman
Private William Hobart New Hampshire Keziah Brown
Captain Ebenezer Hollbrock Connecticut May Osgood
Patriot Nathaniel Hutchinson Massachusetts Rebecca Center
Patriot Hugh Jameson, Sr. New Hampshire Jane Barr
Private Thomas Keeper New Hampshire Tabitha Jones
Ensign John King Pennsylvania Maria Hildebrand
Private David Lull Massachusetts Mary Cilley
Private Jonathan Marsh New Hampshire Elizabeth Sawyer
Patriotic Service Mathias Miller Massachusetts Susanna Mueller
Private Peter Miller New York and New Jersey Mary
Private George Neville South Carolina Rachel Earle
Private Simeon Pike Massachusetts Mary
Private Samuel Rich Massachusetts Sarah Bracy
Private Aaron Stacy North Carolina Nancy Bullock
Sergeant Joseph Stearns Massachusetts Rhoda Tingley
Private William Tenney New Hampshire Phoebe Jewett
Captain John Wall Pennsylvania Agnes McDuffee
Ensign Samuel Calvin Willoughby New Hampshire Mary Gould
Sergeant Asa Worcester Vermont Anna Parker